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Monday, August 22, 2011

Pelet Kuntilanak (2011)

Pamela beautify themselves obsessed with the occult form of pellets utilizing a medium with a pair of men as his tool. To have such Pellet, Pamela mandatory allied with the devil. High-risk black Agreement is at stake

As demon agreement, Pellet real black magic born of this, ask tumbal human lives. Perceived satisfaction of the guys after being involved with Pamela will lead to death. The death of a sadistic. Ironically, Pamela did not know this. Pellet victims who owned most of the guys Pamela sekampusnya friends. In addition to Pamela, who is also utilizing Pellet Tantri to exact his revenge on the guys who raped her

Sister Pamela and involvement with the pellets did not escape the attention of Vega. Vega advised his friends to be careful, or if you can release the mystical relationship with the pellets. But Pamela and The Sister ignored. Yeah, right. Problems began suddenly complicated by supernatural beings Pellet turned against them. Their life was no longer calm. Pamela actually experienced terror like witchcraft. Similarly Tantri, which diiteror supernatural beings in horrible ways. Is Edwin, a former girlfriend Pamela, Pamela is being watched to know if a supernatural being but Pamela did not believe it

Meanwhile, increasingly powerful Tantri facing terror Pellet supernatural beings. He requested the help of Vega, but Vega could not do anything. Vega grew complicated issue because that is not caught anything, are also affected. He experienced a supernatural being terrorized by horrific events Pellet

How is next? Pellet malignant supernatural being that was not going to give a second chance to the devotees. Death is the absolute price!

Film Type : Horror
Producer : Gobind Punjabi
Production : Sentra Films
Rating LSF : Dewasa (adult)
Lenght : 91

Cast & Crew

Cast :
Debby Ayu
Cinta Dewi
Angie Yulia
Billy Davidson
Billy As
Yudha Putra
Director :
Koya Pagayo
Author :
Herry B. Arissa

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