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Monday, August 22, 2011

Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 (2011)

Porn video scandal

Denis Yudhishthira is the movie star who was at the peak of his career. Denis Rasty love with Maria, a famous singer

Jimmy Ardiansyah, a friend and an artist management with Denis, Denis was always angry because diangggap undisciplined. Jimmy feels cluttered work schedule due to indiscipline Denis. When the matter alleged to Denis, he is angry and accused Jimmy then making it up and accuse back, Jimmy actually did not like Denis affair with Tiara and Jimmy actually wants Tiara

Jimmy was angry and offended. He then urged Mario (artist manager) to give a warning to Denis. But apparently Jimmy actions, then make Denis offended and angry. Mario Denis threatens to whip out his Jimmy from management if not he will resign from the management. Mario pressed and finally sacked Jimmy

Jimmy was angry over his dismissal. He immediately went to see Denis and Denis threatened to destroy careers. But Denis ignore the threat.

Then, suddenly there is breaking news on television about the porn video together Rasty Denis and Tiara outstanding. This makes Rasty and Tiara so angry and panicked.

Denis cornered and alleges that this is all caused Jimmy, because Jimmy was just the only one who knows where Denis storing data on a laptop that is now gone. Denis then meet with Jimmy and they involved a big fight. Jimmy smiled with satisfaction as video porn is now circulating.

Film Type : Drama
Producer : Hm Firman Bintang
Production : Mitra Pictures & Bic Production
Rating LSF : Dewasa (adult)
Lenght : 0

Cast : 
Keith Foo
Leylarey Lesesne
Lia Aulia
Rocky Jeff
Tasya Djerly
Director : Findo Purwono Hw
Author : Aviv Elham

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