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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi (2009)

Teenage identical twins, Rico and Ricky, who since childhood separately. Indra to-six Rico him connect with the supernatural. This makes it hard to shock stress, accidents, and lost her sight.

Rico was lucky to get donor eyes from Cherise has just died. But her new eyes only made him more down. Apparently Cherise wants to wreak revenge ghost. Also Jenglot and Semanggi Bridge watchman Kuntilanak haunt Rico. Jenglot virgin blood demanded 17 years who were born on July 7 POND Friday night. What resources helped Ricky Rico? Then, what about all those women sensual, stimulating it?

All conflicts in the containers in a single plot 'horror' is suspenseful and has never happened ... Appointed from True Story. 

Type Movie : Horror - Adults (adult)Producer : KK DheerajProduction: Production K2kLength : 0
Cast & Crew 
Cast:Five ViOkie AgustinaPasha IdeaHusein wickyDirector:Mountain 

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Please ya..

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